Pictory: Create short videos from long content in no time

by admin

Pictory is the newest AI solution that transforms long content into short videos for social media. These new videos are more engaging, and can be shared to a wider audience on various platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. The company uses voice-to-text technology so humans don’t need to read through lengthy blog posts anymore!

Pictory is the best one-stop shop for any content related need.

Pictory specializes in blog posts, animated graphics, and infographics. Pictor offers an intuitive interface that allows you to build a custom design from scratch or choose among their pre-made templates so your work always looks fresh without having to worry about learning complex software programs!

With Pictory, you can:

1.Use pictures to extract dozens of short video highlights from webinars, videos podcasts, demo recordings or customer interviews.

Video is taking over the internet as a marketing device and it’s easy for people on social media sites like Instagram to share their lives in an instant with others: this could be anything from snippets of photos they take themselves through family gatherings at home all the way up to corporate events attended by large crowds. We are seeing more businesses turning towards using live-streaming platforms such as Facebook Live that allow them to broadcast information about their company directly without having any other intermediary including written press releases or TV commercials both traditional communication channels have been utilized before but now we see many companies who find new ways everyday!


2. Make your blog posts and white papers more interesting by converting them to video summaries!

You may be wondering why you would want to convert the dry and boring contents of your company’s blog posts or white papers into short videos. If so, it might interest you that this is a new trend among business professionals — in fact, they seem to enjoy viewing these bite-sized summaries more than long form content! The video format also provides an opportunity for viewers’ questions about certain topics within longer articles/videos can be answered without having them read through all the information themselves.

3. You can edit webinar recordings or demo videos by just editing the text transcript.

With the power of Pictory, you can use a webinar or demo video as an editing tool. Adding text to your videos is just like adding more photos!

With pictures and short captions, we have been able to do all sorts of things with our recordings: edit them for clarity, add notes that provide context about what’s going on in each segment (and reference other segments), re-arrange content so it flows better from one topic to another – even produce brand new media entirely out of existing materials by making small changes.


4. Caption videos before sharing them on social media.

Before sharing a video on social media, you should add a caption. The best thing to do is to use the transcript as your guide and then type out any important details that might be missed in the audio.

You can do this in 3 simple steps: choose your video, select a voice and write text. It’s great because it adds more meaning to the video which makes it easier for people to connect with.


5. Exporting social text and video to Hootsuite to conquer your social media calendar.

You may have heard about the next big thing on social media: video. But with so many other content formats to share, you might not know how best to optimize your Hootsuite for success.

If you want all of your posts in one place and don’t mind a little prep work before each post goes out, then exporting social text and videos from various platforms into Hootsuite is just what you need!


Pictory is the perfect app for anyone wanting to add their branding and style into what they create. Pictory allows you to customize your intro, logo, color scheme, call-to-action button as well as a modern video outro with just a few clicks!

With Pictory, you can quickly and easily customize your photos for a professional look with branding elements. You could change the colors of your work to match company standards or make edits that are specific to how you would like things presented on social media channels.

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